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How to Become A CannaPro Certified Business

Businesses trading in the legal cannabis, CBD and hemp markets may apply to become certified by Cannabis Professionals.

This means your business will be reviewed for its products, trading standards, marketing and conduct. Certified companies will be entitled to display the CannaPro badge as a mark of quality, ethics and reliability.

At its launch on 18th November 2018, based on existing knowledge, CannaPro has already certified a number of businesses.

All certified businesses are listed here.

To apply for certification, a non-refundable application fee of £190.00 is payable.  This should be paid by direct bank transfer quoting your business name as the reference to:

NatWest Bank
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
Sort Code: 60-15-31
Account No: 23740116
IBAN: GB10NWBK60153123740116

In the first instance, please email:

Include a link to your website and a brief history of your business.  Once we have received payment of the fee we will review your application and what is available about you in the public domain.  Usually, you will have a response within 14 days. If we require further information or product samples we will contact you.

Presently, Cannabis Professionals does not charge membership fees.  The application fee is the only fee payable.  If, for any reason, certification is withdrawn then a further fee will be payable if a business reapplies.


13 thoughts on “How to Become A CannaPro Certified Business

  1. Daniel Bell

    I have no existing business nor do I know how to run a business but my passion is CANNABIS.
    From the age of 12 I have smoked, vapor and infused cannabis. In resent years if found myself in trouble with the law for possession and production of cannabis. All without being charged and all for personal use. Im now afraid to go to jail so iv stopped cannabis and moved to cbd. I love it and is certainly keeping me going until thc is legal. Iv took cannabis very seriously as a medicinal plant from a young age and have an outstanding knowledge of the plant and in fact I have outstanding knowledge to all aspects of cannabis. 21 years of everyday use will give you knowlage believe me. Iv had it all. If its cannabis IV done it.. As IV grown older i have decided the cannabis industry is for me and I believe my expertise would go to waste if I never get into this industry. The ideas that flow through my mind need to be made a reality for I feel I’m piccaso without a brush. One day it will be legal and I want to be ready for that day. For now I’m interested in opening up mine and the areas first CBD caffe\restaurant/bar None vegan.
    Could you please step me in the right direction. I don’t know where to start but I’m determined to make this my business thank-you.

    Cannabis is my life. Daniel bell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Would be good to chat Daniel


  2. Jason Brown

    I dont have a website. Do i need one before i start or can i get a certificate and build a website after


    1. Peter Reynolds

      We’ll need to see something that establishes your credentials such as leaflets, products, business plan, company registration.


      1. Matt Knight

        I too can relate to a lot of your story. 12 years I have trained martial arts and it’s a god send, I’d be happy to draw a business plan. Wholesale to gyms, martial art academies, boxing gyms etc. Build a network and promote through social media and endorsements etc. Big potential I feel. Fortunately I have some good contacts I’ve trained with in my journey that would help boost initial interest for sure.


  3. I am currently in the process of constructing a seed store online & physical store.
    I am passionate about this amazing natural resource and plan to be involved in the industry’s exiting time.
    Finding that there is a body offering guidance and promoting professionalism within the industry is great news , I want to be part of this as I grow my buisiness.


  4. Matthew Connell

    Can I have more information please.



  5. Would like to get this one out there can we share on our sites in the 420group………….


    1. Peter Reynolds

      Of course


  6. Kim Brown

    I’m interested in owning a cannabis company. Would love to have as much information as possible.
    Thanks! Kim


  7. Toni Madden

    me and my partner have been running a little homemade cbd oil business with online and social media accounts. We both have our medicinal cannabis and cbd oil diplomas and are dedicated to helping people. We have not registered as a proper business yet. Could we still apply to get certified?


    1. Peter Reynolds

      Yes, Toni, you can. Follow the instructions in this guidance and submit details of your products and links to your social media accounst with your application.


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